This three-quarter day excursion begins with a very picturesque drive from Marrakech through the Gorge of OuedOurika, allowing for stops to see the local pottery for sale at the Berber Museum (which is a shop more than a museum) and the waterfall in Setti Fatma (when accessible and for those who enjoy walking approximately 45 minutes each direction). On Mondays and Fridays we also stop at the weekly Berber souk, which is a fascinating place to see the rural life and local trade. The journey continues along the rivers, which meander through the foothills of the mountains, dotted with typical hamlets of baked clay and stones. Along the way enjoy the opportunity to stop and visit the inside of a Berber home for a glass of tea and homemade Berber bread. Those who wish may also ask the driver to stop for lunch at the charming Ramuntcho restaurant (not included).


Marrakech 09h30-16h30
See the price guide From 700 DH Per Person