Boost your team, thank your employees and your best customers, or promote a new product: "MENARA TOURS" puts at your disposal all its know-how in the development of an original concept of incentive stay.

If the originality and the quality of our programs are famous, it is in the small attentions that we build the success of Incentive stays of our customers; and if the quality requirement remains the same, the methodology is adapted to the size and importance of the event.

By entrusting your Incentive to "MENARA TOURS", specialist in the organization of congresses, seminars and other corporate events, you:

- Save time, because our Incentives proposals are sent to you as soon as possible, thanks to the immediate availability of our teams.

- Only worry about your goal, since we take care of all the organizational logistics of your event.

- Optimize your costs since our incentives proposals are adapted to your budget and we negotiate for you the best preferential rates with our loyal contractual partners.

- Deal with a single contact, competent in his area of ​​expertise and concerned about the quality of his services.